District Spice


Welcome to District Spice! Our salt-free, artisanal spice blends will enable you to bring bold and unique flavors to your dining table. Each blend’s recipe is individually handcrafted, tested, and honed in our personal kitchen until it is just right for you to try out in your own home. We have garnered spices from around the world to use to create our blends, and each small batch is produced and jarred by hand. There are no fillers, preservatives, or anti-caking agents used in any of our products. With District Spice, you are not just making meals, but amazing dishes your friends and family will be raving about long after the food is gone.

Why Salt-Free? By omitting salt from our blends, our flavorful spices and herbs are allowed to shine through in your cooking. Many off-the-shelf spice blends use salt as a main ingredient because it is an easy way to cut costs, and you end up with little more than flavored salt, which can overpower your food without giving you the flavors you desire. Additionally, salt is a personal taste decision, often best left to the individual cook or diner to determine whether a dish needs more or has had enough. With so many salts available—Pink Himalayan, Kosher, Sea, Smoked, Red Hawaiian, etc.—adding a single salt variety to our blends would severely limit their versatilities.

District Spice is owned and operated by Nate and Carolyn Shettler Blodgett in Washington, DC.

District Spice is a proud supporter of  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.